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Momentum Consulting

Business Development

Are you interested in developing your business or freelance career? Do you wish to improve your leadership skills? You can concentrate on and realize your business objectives and dreams with the aid of a business coach.


What is business coaching?

Anyone who runs their own firm or works for an organization should hire a business coach. To help you achieve your objectives and goals, you will receive helpful advice, fresh perspectives, and practical techniques.


Therefore, what is covered during business coaching relies on your goals. Do you wish to attract more customers? Do you wish to expand your company? A business coach may assist you with several tasks, like creating a businessplan or marketing strategy, honing your personal brand, delving further into timemanagement, showing you how to carry out specific procedures, etc.



The Business Starter Pack has been specially designed to help people who want to set up a business or start their independent entrepreneurship journey.


Our business development consultants will guide you through all the legal, fiscal, and financial responsibilities you will have when entering the business world. The Business Starter Pack also provides an insight on how a business plan should be set up, along with professional advice and guidance.



At Momentum, we want to stimulate you to further define your business idea into a realizable and profitable service or product.

Our business development consultants will guide you through the process of designing a businessmodel with the help of the Business Model Canvas.


Finally, using the BMC, we will guide you to translate the model into a distinctive businessplan to use to start up your business or even to attract external investors.